Click Me

Clicking anywhere on the map itself will provide all of the options for that location.

A single click (or tap on mobile devices) provides all options for exploring a forecast in more detail. The location clicked will present a window with the exact values from the selected map layer. Because the Top of Usable Lift layer is selected here, the values presented in the info window are for the same parameter. All available models will show the value for that location by default. This provides a quick comparison across other forecasts without needing to change the current map view.

Changing the selected forecast hour will automatically update the information in this window.

The other options which are always available include:

  • Compare: Comparing more details of other forecast models

  • PointCast: Viewing a point forecast across time for the selected location

  • Skew-T: Viewing a simple skew-t diagram to inspect the raw details of the atmospheric profile for that location

  • Route: Starting a route forecast from the selected location