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How do you want to see your forecast data?

Before you start using XC Skies, make sure to set two main elements: your prefered units and your timezone offset. Without setting these properly, your experience can feel confusing.


To setup your units, go to the map applicaiton. If this is your first time visiting this website and you have not set your units yet, a message will prompt you to take a moment and do so.

Desktop navigation on top left

Mobile navigation on bottom

Click on the settings icon located at the left top of the desktop website, or the bottom on the mobile website that looks like the settings gear box icon.

Select your prefered units. There is no need click save. Any change will automatically be saved to your account on our servers. This means when you use your mobile device or other device, your units will be automatically applied.

Timezone offset

You must also set your timezone offset. By default it is 0 UTC (also sometimes called GMT or Zulu, though these are not always the same in every case). Timezone offsets are negative from the west of 0.0 degrees longitude, such as the Americas, and positive toward the east, such as Asia or Australia. Setting the timezone offset for the location you are soaring is crucial. Without the proper timezone offset for your location, all forecast hours will be difficult to apply properly.

For example, XC Skies is based within Mountain Timzone, USA. Our timezone offset is -6 during summer when we observe daylight savings, and -7 during standard time. This means that a model forecast hour with a a time of 18 UTC represents Noon (12 pm). When using XC Skies, all dates and times are automatically adjusted to represent your local time, so there's no need to do this math in your head.

Timezone and associated offsets.

Image by TimeZonesBoy, CIA, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.

You're in charge of making sure your timezone offset is correct for your location and time of the year (daylight savings vs. standard time for example). And we'll be in charge of making forecasts for the hours you need.